Our Company is more protected and running more efficiently.

Mad Data was a blessing! They exposed security weaknesses in our business, then walked me through a step by step process of adding layers of security. This is protecting our valuable information as well as my customers. Our company is better protected and running more efficiently because of Mad Data.

I have a sense of relief

I highly recommend MAD DATA! I have a sense of relief now because I know that I have professionals I can trust taking care of our IT security concerns. What sets them apart is taking time to know their customers personally and professionally in order to learn who they are. Personalized IT services to best fit the customer’s needs.

It’s A No Brainer

Having Mad Data as our IT management team gives us a peace of mind knowing they have our back. Their security service is invaluable, providing us with the newest security updates, employee training and policies that our customers and federal agencies expect us to have in place. It’s a no brainer!

I TRUST Mad Data to protect me

Since we have gone with Mad Data as our managed security service provider, we have had less to troubleshoot. In the past we have worked with various providers who would either not have the issue resolved or they were unresponsive when we did have any issues. One company treated us like we were too small and unimportant. I have never had that feeling with Mad Data. Since, my company is dealing with sensitive data, security is crucial. I trust Mad Data to protect me. Otherwise, I might as well leave the front door unlocked every night when we leave the office.


Our network is secure and Mad Data makes that a Priority.

There is always Peace of Mind

Mad Data is the only managed security service provider I have trusted to work with. Every time I have a need they are there to support my company. The response time good and the customer service is impeccable. There is always a peace of mind knowing that we are being taken care of without it all being on my shoulders to handle.