Because Change Needed To Happen

After graduating with a degree in IT, Brian realized that his heart was to be an entrepreneur, so he took a leap of faith and started what is now Mad Data – IO.  With years of experience working for companies like GE Toshiba, he has built an understanding of how to serve others.  Brian’s authenticity to connect with business owners to not just fix their computer issues but to help cultivate a fresh way for technology integration has lead him to be a national speaker on Cybersecurity and Technology in the work place.

As a creative soul that chose to start working side by side with Brian, Mary brings a different approach to business.  She started on the path of professional photography then after a few children she fell in love with technology.  For years she served in the background growing her family and the business.  Now she has stepped up in redefining businesses with training employees in cybersecurity, leading a national Women in Technology forum and collaborating with educational institutions to help other women find a future in technology.

Together, Brian and Mary, are redefining the relationship between technology and business owners.  They are taking a cold, ethereal, and matrix version of technology and making it connect with all who interact with it.  Being a rebel is hard but they believe in doing IT differently, Cybersecurity different and business differently.  Our goal is to Serve and to Protect.  This new way is allowing us to serve business throughout the US, speak with universities to elevate the technology acumen of business owners and spearhead a way for more women to lead in technology.