Three decades after Adobe invented the PDF format, most people still choose Adobe to read, edit, or transform PDFs. Acrobat is everywhere on desktops, mobile devices, and the web. 

Adobe has decided to take things a notch higher with a new AI tool for Adobe Acrobat that aims to transform the digital document experience.  

Adobe describes this new Adobe Acrobat AI integration as a chatbot or conversational engine that can summarize files, ask and answer questions, and give recommendations based on the content. In other words, users can “converse” with documents to get the information they need.  

AI Features in Adobe Acrobat 

The new tool runs on the same AI and ML models behind Adobe Liquid Mode. Besides the usual generative summary creation, the enhanced Acrobat with AI technology offers new capabilities, including: 

  • AI Assistant: This new AI tool for Adobe Acrobat uses an intuitive conversational interface to recommend questions users may wish to explore based on a PDF’s content and answer questions about that content. 
  • Intelligent citations: The tool generates citations that allow users to verify answers provided by AI Assistant.  
  • Easy navigation: It can create clickable links that jump directly to specific information in long PDFs. 
  • Formatted output: Users can ask the AI chatbot to merge and format information into easy-to-read copy for emails, reports, presentations, and more. You can easily cut, paste, and share, thanks to a copy button. 

Customers can use AI Assistant with just about any document format. The company also mentions that AI Assistant adheres to strict data security guidelines and neither stores nor uses customer document information for training without user consent. 

Enhanced Productivity 

This Adobe Acrobat AI upgrade aims to reduce time-consuming tasks related to working with massive text documents. Thanks to Adobe Acrobat automation tools, students can shorten their time scouring research material and focus more on insights and analysis.  

Project managers can scan, summarize, and distribute meeting highlights in seconds. At the same time, sales professionals can respond to client requests in minutes and personalize pitches made to prospective clients.  

By streamlining the time it takes to scan through a contract or compose an email, AI Assistant delivers productivity to consumers everywhere. 

But that’s not all for the new AI tool for Adobe Acrobat. The company has a clear roadmap of future AI-powered functions in Adobe Acrobat it plans to roll out.  

These include AI-powered authoring, editing, formatting, the ability to collect data from multiple documents, and integrations with its Firefly family of creative, generative AI models. 

Pricing and Availability 

Adobe has initially rolled out a beta phase of the AI Assistant for free to Acrobat customers on Standard, Pro, and Teams subscription plans across the web and desktop. 

Paying customers will have access to the new AI tool for Adobe Acrobat at no additional cost while the product is in beta. When AI Assistant is out of beta, Reader and Acrobat customers will have access to the Assistant’s full range of capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan.


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